Who We Are 

The areas of expertise about us at a glance


Alaswad Group is a global, family-owned conglomerate. 

The first company in the Group was founded more than 30 years ago and has included more than 20,000 employees over the years, a presence in Amman-Jordan.


Since founding the Roof tiles company in 1989, the current  President Mohammad Eid Alaswad continues the construction family tradition while maintaining the company’s outstanding reputation and uncompromising commitment to quality and safety. Mohammad Eid Alaswad has provided leadership and overall management control as the head of the Alaswad Team and has been responsible for projects in both the private and public sectors. Mohammad Eid  is involved in every project and maintains a hands-on involvement and responsibility for all construction operations through project completion. He has 35 years experience with roof tiles and specializes in decoration projects

Mr. Mohammad Eid Alaswad


Eng. Suhaib Alaswad involvement in the construction industry spans over years in a variety of management and executive roles. As Executive President of Alaswad Group, Mr. Suhaib Alaswad responsibilities include business development, management, and administration of all commercial projects. In his career, Mr. Alaswad has held ultimate responsibility and accountability for the successful completion of more than 200 projects in contract awards. The firm’s resume of the project and industry awards, outstanding performance evaluations, and a list of satisfied customers reflects his longstanding commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Eng. Suhaib Alaswad


Eng. Khubaib Alaswad is the Founder and Chairman of the board of  Alaswad Group. He founded the firm in 2013 with a mission to better serve his clients and the construction industry as a whole through the endorsement and implementation of an integrated design-build construction delivery approach. From the outset, he concentrated the efforts of the organization toward design-build markets, and in the process established Creative Minds for Construction as one of the best firms to be recognized as a true design-builder and a current respected leader in those markets. 

Eng. Khubaib Alaswad 



Alaswad Group has grown over three generations

From its early beginnings, as Roof tiles Build in Jordan to the global conglomerate, it is today, the story of Alaswad Group is a testament to the importance of family values, long-term relationships and growth.

" We are dedicated to a common goal: to satisfy and retain our customers in each of our projects "